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Rajesh Gurumoorthy (Managing Director & CEO)
Rajesh has 8+ years' work experience in the financial services sector. He worked as a senior underwriter for over 2 years with an agency placing workers' compensation in the United States, and brings with him the expertise and domain knowledge required for this line of business. His most recent experience prior to starting Insure Pro 2.0 was a 4-year stint with a Fortune 10 company in both solutions and operational management capacities, where he fulfilled in customer facing roles in managing provision of outsourced offshore F&A services to large multinational clients.

His experience in the outsourcing industry stretches across both pre-sales and post-sales areas - budgeting cost savings & winning a >$100M contract, as well as successful delivery the promised cost savings through direct involvement in operations. He has also played a lead role in several cost cutting projects for his employers. Rajesh has an MBA from Rollins College, Orlando, FL, with specialisation in finance and international business. He also holds a bachelor's degree in Commerce from India.

Gurumoorthy Ramamoorthy (Director)
Gurumoorthy has 35+ years' work experience spanning various industries from chemicals to pharmaceuticals, dairy, adhesives & paints. He has held senior management positions in various organizations, and has been instrumental in saving millions of dollars for his employers through innovative energy and cost saving technologies. A successful first-generation entrepreneur, he will play an advisory role at Insure Pro 2.0, offering his valuable knowledge and expertise in operations management and operational cost saving. Gurumoorthy holds a bachelorís degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

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